Driving Growth Across Diverse Industries

At V&Family, we are committed to driving growth and creating value through strategic investments in a diverse range of industries across the globe.

We believe in a balanced investment strategy that combines the stability of traditional industries with the dynamic potential of innovative sectors. Our portfolio spans from traditional industries like Building Materials, Auto Parts and Children's Clothing, to emerging fields such as Pharmaceutical Cannabis.

We partner with leading experts and the right talent in each field to ensure we stay ahead of market trends and deliver superior results. Our investments are not only aimed at achieving financial returns but also at contributing positively to the industries and communities we operate in.


We undertake the property's Interior and Exterior Design, using high-quality building materials sourced directly from the manufacturers, out of numerous suppliers and a vast list of options. We then offer to supply these materials at factory prices, for a fraction of the market price.

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Our Auto Parts division is dedicated to providing high-quality automotive components directly from the factory, bypassing middlemen and agents to deliver substantial cost savings to our customers. We ensure that all parts meet rigorous quality standards, offering reliability and performance at prices significantly lower than other market participants, providing our customers with exceptional value.

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Our Pharmaceutical Cannabis division is at the forefront of this burgeoning industry, dedicated to offering sustainable solutions that benefit both the end user and the local communities we support. We hold all necessary legal licenses and strictly comply with EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, ensuring that our products meet the highest levels of quality and safety. By focusing on sustainability, we are committed to environmentally friendly cultivation and production practices. Our operations not only foster growth in this future-oriented industry but also contribute positively to the local economies and communities where we operate.

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Our Unicorns & Mermaids Store specializes in a niche market, offering a whimsical array of clothing and accessories that celebrate the enchanting worlds of unicorns and mermaids. With a strong commitment to sustainability, we source all our products responsibly, ensuring they meet our high standards for quality and environmental stewardship. This dedication to excellence and customer centric approach has earned us top reviews on the Greek version of our site on social media, reflecting the delight and satisfaction of our customers. Additionally, our vibrant YouTube channel enhances the customer experience by providing engaging content that connects with our community and showcases our magical product range.

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Our Greek Children's Clothing division serves the markets in Greece and Cyprus, offering unique and stylish designs that cater to the tastes and needs of modern families. By sourcing products directly from manufacturers, we eliminate intermediaries, allowing us to provide our customers with the lowest possible prices without compromising on quality. This direct approach and our truly caring customer support and customer centric approach has earned the business top reviews on social media, reflecting the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. Our commitment to exceptional value and distinctive designs has made us a trusted name in children's fashion across these regions.

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Our European Children's Clothing division caters to the European market, offering unique and stylish designs that meet the diverse tastes and needs of families across the continent. By sourcing products directly from manufacturers, we cut out intermediaries, enabling us to provide our customers with the lowest possible prices while maintaining high quality. This is the same direct approach that has garnered us top reviews on social media for our Greek market, showcasing the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. Our dedication to exceptional value and distinctive designs has established us as a trusted name in children's fashion throughout Europe.

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Roland Pearce
Lagom Estate Pty - South Africa

I can confidently say their commitment to high-quality services and trustworthiness is unparalleled. With their expert guidance and unwavering co-operation and support, we've achieved significant advancements in our ventures. I highly recommend V&Family for their exceptional professionalism and integrity.

Marios Theodoulou
Bona Fortuna Trading Networks - Cyprus

We have been working with V&Family for the past 4 years and our collaboration on sourcing products for the various industries they invest in has been exceptional. They are known for paying attention to detail, quality and also for creating the perfect environment for sales to flourish. For us they are not just a client, but a valuable partner!

Andy An
China Ocean International - China

V&Family has been a valued partner for over 5 years. Their commitment to quality and seamless communication has made sourcing products and offering quality assurance to them effortless. We deeply appreciate their trust in our services and can guarantee their continuous strive for products of the highest standards, which we are proud to ensure.

  • Athens, Attica, Greece